Ethics & Sustainability

At Herrco Cosmetics, sustainability is part of our brand DNA. Our efforts are aligned to the four main themes set out by EcoVadis, focusing on: Environment, Labour & Human Rights, Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement.

Rated EcoVadis Bronze in 2020, we strive to improve our sustainability practices with their guidelines and advice.

Setting a Culture of Sustainability

We've continuously looked into being more sustainable and have:

Switched to green energy

Installed occupancy lighting and intelligent heating, and solar-powered lights at the car park

Modified our roof to reduce energy required to heat the building

Installed electric car charge points

Reuse all waste water, which is collected, treated and reused
Use 100% recyclable pallet wrap and reduce amount of wrap used with the installation of an automatic pallet wrapper
Shred and recycle used coffee pods to make spare car parts and bicycles, with local farmers utilising coffee grounds on their fields
Use 100% FSC cardboard

Sustainable Manufacturing

With manufacturing as the main business, we identified ways in which we could implement more ethical and sustainable practices. Some of our efforts include:

Our people

Looking into our core – our people – we aim to create an inspiring environment for our team to enjoy work and thrive in.

Constantly looking at ways to improve work culture, we have introduced: