Sustainable Manufacturing

When John Wiley, our Strategic Supply Chain Director, chanced upon Reuseabox on LinkedIn, he knew it was an avenue that needed to be explored.

Here’s our Q1 2022 stats!

*Running total from August 2021

Why Reuseabox?

Globally, the world uses billions of cardboard boxes every year, with majority of them only used once.

Most think that cardboard is good for the environment as it’s easy to recycle, but recycling cardboard isn’t actually very sustainable. A cardboard box can only be recycled around 5-7 times on average. Each time it is recycled, the fibres get stretched and the quality is affected.

To get around this issue, most recycled cardboard is made with a proportion of new pulp, which is sourced from trees. This means the cardboard recycling process is actually contributing to deforestation. It also uses large amounts of energy and water, and produces large volumes of CO2.

Through Reuseabox, we are able to divert our cardboard boxes to be reused, thus delaying the environmental damaging effects of recycling. This method of reusing boxes also reduces the global demand for cardboard and gives our natural resources time to recover.

Ongoing Sustainability

With our Ecovadis Gold Accreditation in 2021, we are continuously looking at avenues to increase sustainability in our cosmetics manufacturing process.

If you’d like to partner with us, be it in terms of sustainability efforts, or get onboard as a client, hit the button below!