Natural & Organic Cosmetics

We have been manufacturing organic and natural beauty products for over a decade, before it was cool or the right thing to do.

By harnessing active properties infused within botanical ingredients, we are constantly developing new and innovative clean formulations in line with the COSMOS Standard.

Being accredited by Soil Association that adheres to the Cosmos Natural & Cosmos Organic standard also means we only use:

sustainably sourced organic ingredients
natural colours and fragrances from plants and flowers
packaging with maximum recycled or recyclable content
biodegradable ingredients

Certifications & Quality Assurance

Yearly audits by Soil Association ensure we are able to offer you full organic certification for your bespoke products.

Within the organic and natural range, our raw materials are exclusively sourced from partners with Ecocert and Soil Association accreditations.

Running in tandem, we are also committed about ethical trade and ensure that we and our suppliers adhere to Ethical Trading Initiative’s (ETI) base code.